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Escuela PIC.A - Máster PHotoEspaña 2017/18. Teoría y proyectos artísticos

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Máster PHotoEspaña 2017/18. Teoría y proyectos artísticos

The PHotoEspaña Master’s Degree in Photography brings together all the experience garnered by the festival over the years to offer a complete training programme. It is designed specifically for people looking to embark on a career as a photographer or those who seek to consolidate their presence in the field.
Students explore both theoretical notions surrounding the image as well as their own creative capacity through various practical classes, with each of them having to prepare a signature book, an exhibition project to be presented within the framework of PHotoEspaña, and an audiovisual work.
The programme facilitates the creation of new projects and enables students to develop an international network of outstanding professionals. Similarly, it provides them with the necessary tools to nurse their projects through the different stages, as well as to successfully promote them. The syllabus is articulated in modules taught by professionals and active photographers with ample experience. Moreover, professional visits to artists’ studios, galleries, collections, publishing houses and art centres complement the programme.
From 23 October 2017 to 4 June 2018
Monday to Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00
The course is taught in Spanish and workshops involving international figures will be delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have completed and undergraduate degree, diploma, or comparable professional experience.
Candidates must send their portfolio, motivation letter and CV and/or make an appointment at / Ph: +34 91 360 13 27
From 4 May to 30 June 2017

Payment can be made by instalments
Instructor: Javier Riera
Workshop: Alberto Garci?a-Alix
Artist’s studio visit
In this module creativity is conceived of as a collection of skills and capabilities that are strengthened through exploration and experimentation. The programme encourages students to develop their curiosity to explore new resources and working strategies. The module also comprises a workshop and artist’s studio visit during which the artist will share his experiences and work processes with the students.
Instructors: Horacio Ferna?ndez and Gonzalo Golpe
Guest professionals: Chema Conesa and A?lvaro Mati?as
Professional visit: Bindery
This module is an approach to the history and present state of the photobook as well as to the processes of production, design and typesetting. The objective is to introduce students to the format and to create mock-ups that will help them to understand the way in which their works fit in the bookmaking process. Furthermore, by the end of the course they will have specific knowledge of what it takes to get their work printed in a publication that is well suited to their interests and that behaves appropriately in the publishing industry.
Instructors: Nicola?s Combarro and Leona
Guest professionals: Carlos Gollonet and Jose? Mari?a Di?az-Maroto
Professional visits to galleries, collections and art centres
This module exposes students to the processes of production, design, set up and communication of exhibitions. Together with a curator they will explore the possibilities presented by their work in the context of an exhibition, and in collaboration with exhibition designers they will develop a collective show at the end of the course which will be presented during PHotoEspaña 2018.
Instructor: Jose? Bautista
This module will acquaint students with the audiovisual language and the diverse advantages audiovisual pieces bring in terms of the promotion and enhancement of their photographic work. The objective is to have students produce their own multimedia presentation of their project, incorporating both images and sound.
Instructor: Joan Morey
Guest professional: Mari?a Garci?a Yelo
The master’s degree contemplates an ample approximation to the professional arena, an integral part of which concerns securing exposure for the photographic creations. With the help of the relevant instructors students will improve their communications skills in order to give their works greater exposure and place them in the market.
Instructors: Gerardo Mosquera, Jose? Mari?a Parren?o and Fernando Castro Flo?rez
Over the course of the master’s degree the various practical modules are complemented with theoretical subjects that touch upon the history of photography from a modern and current perspective, the different methodological trends, and the latest tendencies in photography.
Each year renowned artists and professionals share their knowledge and experiences with the students from PHE Master’s degree. The forthcoming course will feature contributions from the Noe Sendas, artist (Brussels), Michael Atavar, artist and creative consultant (United Kingdom), and Sérgio Mah, curator and lecturer (Portugal), who will focus their workshops on a reflection about the nature of photography.
The PHotoEspaña Master’s degree gives students the opportunity to present the projects they have developed during the course to international curators and publishers as a means to gain exposure and widen their professional network. To this end the PHE Master’s / PIC.A School portfolio review is organised specifically for the benefit of students enrolled in the master’s and other higher education courses at PIC.A. Additionally, the course stipulates separate critique sessions and the opportunity to take part in the Descubrimientos PHE week. During the portfolio review the ten best projects are selected and entered for free in the portfolio review of the PHE Descubrimientos week.
Over the course of the master’s degree each student has three individual tutorial hours with the instructors of their choice, including the head of the programme.
Students will take part in master classes with contemporary creators, and the latter will take a closer look at various relevant aspects of the discipline during specially designed seminars which students are entitled to join for free.
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